Attention Campers:

It is time to start thinking about Adult PEERS Camp, 2018.  The camp is reserved, the dates are set...all we need now are YOUR applications!!!

The dates for Adult PEERS Camp, 2018 are:

Monday, July 9 -- Wednesday, July 11

Arrival is not prior to 1:00 p.m on Monday as lunch will not be served -- Departure at the latest by 12:00 noon on Wednesday.

We will be returning to Lions Club Sunshine Camp, just east of Elliston, MT.  Cost for the camp will be $100 / camper.  The camp can be viewed on line at: and then clicking on the link to the Sunshine Camp.  Directions and descriptions of the camp are available at the link.  (There will be a limited # of partial scholarships available if needed.)  A sliding scale fee will be used for those who wish to attend only during the day.

We encourage you to fill out the attached application and return it to the PEERS mailbox by May 30, 2018.  Due to large numbers of applicants each year, we will notify each applicant when they are accepted to attend camp.  We will notify all those accepted by phone, email or mail.  All applications are accepted as submitted.  Please note that any changes could affect camper’s acceptance.  Contact us immediately if there are changes to the application, ie: 1:1 staff, contacts, needs, etc. The fee for camp will be due approximately 2 weeks after notification.  (targeted date is June 10, 2018) If the billing address is different from your mailing address, please make a note on the application.

Note:  If the applicant is in need of intense, 1:1 staffing, this level of service must be provided with the individual.  PEERS will not have enough staff to cover this need.  All PCA’s must be at least 18 years of age and have some experience with the applicant.  Also, please make sure to note any special considerations or limitations (e.g. climbing stairs, top bunks, etc.).  This will make it easier in determining room assignments.

Reminder: Anyone who does not have their application in by the deadline, May 30, 2018, will not be accepted!!!  Turn them in early!!!  For those who raised $250 or more for this year’s Dance-A-Thon, a full scholarship will be awarded upon receipt of your application.  Please mark the appropriate line on the application.  We will also be awarding a Nathan Nichols Scholarship for those who have a need. To be considered, mark the appropriate box on your application and also provide a story written or summarized by another of "What camp means to me..." NOTE:  Your application must still be received by the deadline to be accepted.

Anyone who receives medication should ensure they have full and complete information on the Camp Medication Sheet.  All necessary medications must accompany the individuals to camp.  PEERS does not have nor provide medication at camp.

We look forward to a great turnout this summer, and have all kinds of fun activities planned!  The theme for this year’s camp will be outdoor Montana.  Don’t miss out!  If you have any questions, please contact PEERS at 439-5487.


Paul Kindt, Executive Director

Shannon Alexander, Activities Coordinator 

Application (pdf - must have Adobe Reader - download for free here)

Camp Med Sheet (pdf)