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PEERS Unlimited aims to educate persons with and without disabilities, so they may learn to live, love, laugh and grow side by side as equal contributing members of their community.


The agency known as Partners Ensuring Equal Rights and Supports, Unlimited, or PEERS, is celebrating its 30th year serving individuals in the Helena area. Originally, PEERS was started by a group of parents who saw a need in their children with special needs. Their focus was on interaction with peers and socialization. One of the highlight events sponsored by PEERS has always been Summer Camp.

Many partnerships have been developed as the agency has grown. Involvement as an affiliate with the United Way has assisted with funding to provide and promote programs. PEERS has always worked closely with other community agencies who provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Other community partners have include the First Lutheran Church, Helena School System, Moose Lodge, Fort Harrison Service Club, MYLIF, and Disability Rights Montana.


PEERS provides a plethora of social integrated events and activities for individuals living with disabilities. Events are open to everyone, and all (with exception of some out of town trips) are free to participants. We create social interaction experiences for persons with and without disabilities and enhance individual’s knowledge of ways they can make a positive difference in their community by volunteering.

Although the specific activities offered by the agency have changed over the years, the primary focus continues to be on social and integrative activities for individuals. Many of the original kids involved with PEERS now continue their involvement in the adult services we offer.

PEERS is in the process of investigating becoming a service provider so we may serve persons through Vocational Rehabilitation and DPHHS/DDP. In future years we also hope to expand our services to include (secondary) education for adults with disabilities. Expanding their educational, social, and job skills through a program we have named SKILD (Skills and Knowledge for Individuals Living with Disabilities). The hope is to bridge the gap between high school and participation as active, participating members of our community.

                   Improving Mental Health; Building Life and Job Skills; Promoting and Bolstering Volunteerism

    A big thank you to all of our supporters and users! We hope you will continue to help keeps us a viable organization for the years to come!


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